Swelling properties of hydrogel networks of poly (methacrylic acid-cross-Nacrylate- N,N-dimethyl-N-dodecyl ammonium bromide). Application in the sorption of an industrial dye
Sebti Houariab*, Fasla Asmahanec and Ould Kada Seghiera
Dec 2015
Der Pharma Chemica
Abstract : 

This paper deals with the study of the swelling and the sorption properties of new hydrogel networks of poly (methacrylic acid (MAA)-cross-dodécyle acrylate ammonium bromide (ADAB). The swelling properties of these hydrogels were achieved in distilled water at 25°C and expressed by the swelling ratios by weight, in order to evaluate their potential applications, particularly in the field of environment. Thus we have tried to take of these swelling properties by studying the sorption of an industrial dye, in this case, the red dye of bemacide. Prior to the study of the sorption, study of the swelling properties has shown a dependence of the swelling rate on the proportion of ADAB included in the hydrogel. The determination of the values of the capacities of sorption to the aquilibrium of hydrogels enable dus to trace the Freundlich and Langmuir isotherm and to show that these values are in a good correlation with the Lagmuir isotherm sorption


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