EUROISMAR 2019 is an international conference on magnetic resonance, organized under the auspices of the AMPERE Society and ISMAR. It combines EUROMAR 2019, ISMAR 2019, and the 41st GDCh FGMR annual meeting.

EUROISMAR 2019 will showcase a wide range of research related to the inherent physics of magnetic resonance and its applications in chemistry, biology and medicine. Individual sessions are devoted to new NMR, EPR and MRI methods, applications in material science and biomedical research, dynamic nuclear polarization and other methods for achieving hyperpolarization, quantum computing, in-cell NMR and EPR, as well as applications of low-field NMR, to name a few.

Thanks to the tremendous support and participation of the magnetic resonance community, EUROISMAR 2019 is full and closed to new registrations.

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