👉the computational chemistry group started a virtual conference (VCCC) on Computational Chemistry in 2013.
✅The annual VCCC has always been in the month of Aug to mark Erwin Schrödinger day (12th Aug).
💻Kindly refer to the attached PDF files.


✅The VCCC conference has become a flagship event of the CCUoM group.
👉We were preparing for VCCC-2020.
🟢However, in view of the current World situation due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, we have decided to extend the virtual conference, exceptionally, to all topics of chemistry. Thus VCCC-2020 will now be Virtual Conference on Chemistry and its Applications (VCCA-2020) and the website is http://sites.uom.ac.mu/vcca2020

🟢We have also decided to reduce the registration fee from 90 USD to 50 USD for participants with abstract.
🔴One can participate for free if a certificate of participation is not required.
⭕We will have the book of abstracts and the book of proceedings of full papers will be published for free by De Gruyter.
⭕Three Nobel Laureates have already confirmed their participations and they are;
👉1 Prof Ada Yonath
👉2 Prof Robert Huber
👉3 Prof Roberts Rich
🔹Kindly refer to the attached PDF for “how the conference will take place”.
🔹🔹invited to submit your abstract and invite others to submit.
🔹🔹🔹I will need your help to promote this virtual conference in your Country and network.
🔹🔹🔹🔹Remember that one does not have to travel to Mauritius and one does not have to be online for the presentation.
#From: [Prof P Ramasami]