2D Carbon Materials as Photocatalysts

Amel Boudjemaa

First published: 08 May 2020


This chapter describes the carbon based materials, their potential applications through photo‐catalytic process using visible light irradiation. The reaction mechanisms were also proposed. Carbon‐based materials can be applied for the various fields in the environment‐ such as pollutant degradation, heavy metal elimination, hydrogen (H2) generation, and CO2 reduction. Regarding the 2D carbon materials, most large‐scale photo‐catalytic applications mentioned in the bibliography is based on the use of carbon‐based materials. However, many efforts have been consecrated for the utilization of carbon materials as electron donors coupling or modified with transition metals or others materials used as hetero‐systems to improve their reactivity under visible light irradiation. The present chapter supplied an overview on the 2D carbon nanostructured materials to improve their catalytic performance as photo‐catalyst for different applications.


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