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— November 18, 2018 Publications de la Division Chimie de l’Environnement 242

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Cobalt containing microporous aluminohosphates as new photocatalyst for hydrogen generation under visible irradiation. Materials Research Bulletin (2018)

  1. H Hentit, A Boudjemaa, A Bouchama, JC Jumas, K Bachari, MS Ouali.


Novel  photocatalytic  materials  based  on  cobalt  type  aluminophosphate  molecular sieves  have  been elaborated  by  hydrothermal method.  The  photocatalytic  activity  of CoAlPO4-5  and  CoAlPO4-11  were  evaluated  for  hydrogen production via  water  reduction under  visible  irradiation.  The  synthesized  materials  were  characterized  thoroughly  with respect to elemental analysis, XRD, SEM, FTIR, DR, BET and NH3 desorption measurement. Electrical conductivity, photo-electrochemical measurements were also studied. Since AlPO4 materials  possess  a  unique  chemical  composition  as  well  as  structural  and  micro-morphological  characteristics.  The  photocatalysts have  shown a  remarkable  surface  area 183  and  258  m2 g-1 which  lead  to  a  better  acceleration of  the  charge  (e-/h+)  transfer  by increasing  the  number  of surface  reaction  sites.  Under  visible  light,  the photocatalysts exhibited a good photo-reactivity for hydrogen production with a yield of 64 and 1260 μmol g-1 min-1 for CoAlPO4-5 and CoAlPO4-11, respectively.

Keywords: CoAlPO4-5, CoAlPO4-11, nano-cobalt oxide,  photo-electrochemical,  photo-catalysis, hydrogen evolution.

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